Name Underworld Scans
Status Aktiv
Land en
A one-man doujin and h-manga scanlation group by /u/rebeldefect.

Hey, it's Rebel and welcome to my humble scanlation group. This is a one-man scanlation group, which means all works in translated, cleaned, redrawn, and typeset by me unless indicated otherwise.

As you can see, unlike its sister site, Overworld Scans, this site hosts scanlations of hentai manga and doujinshi(those depicting explicit sex). I used to be a translator who only translated on request, but due to a lot of people only reading my translations and not typesetting them, the works that I translated couldn't be spread to more people. Hence the reason why this scanlation group was set up.

There is actually another reason though. There are some good works that I feel receive too little attention, due to the artist being a newbie or whatnot, and I feel I should help translate them so more people get to know the artists and their works. As I always say, one can never have too much hentai...