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Original Titel Beatless
Englischer Titel Beatless
Japanischer Titel ビートレス
Action, Drama, Romance, SciFi
Adaption Light Novel: Beatless
SeasonStart: Winter 2018
Status Airing
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Industriejp Diomedea (Studio)
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jp Animatic (Producer)
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jp Encourage Films (Nebenstudio)
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Lizenz Lizenziert! Warum?
Eine Welt, die alles Robotern in Menschenform namens "hIE" überlässt. Arato Endo (17) wird "Owner" von Lacia, einer von fünf Androiden mit nie da gewesenen Superkräften, die einen Wettstreit ausfechten. Während die Erwachsenen tatenlos zuschauen, probiert Aratos Generation einen anderen Umgang aus und sucht neue Antworten auf die Frage der Beziehung zwischen Menschen und Dingen.

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Ein kleines Zwischenfazit meinerseits :

Beatless ist ein interessanter Anime mit guten Animationen und schöner Musik. Die Charaktere sind in Ordnung und die Genre wird vertreten auch wenn irgendwo das Drama fehlt.

Bis jetzt gefällt mir der Anime selbst ganz gut, jedoch kommen scheinbar alle 6 Episoden Recaps ohne extra Inhalt oder wirklichen Sinn welche sämtlichen Inhalt vorheriger Episoden kurz zusammenfasst und so den Anime als unnötig erscheinen lässt. "Wenn sie es schaffen 24 Episoden in 4 zu packen, warum sollte man dann alle sehen ?". Diese Recaps sind echte Lückenfüller und sie gehen die ganze Episode lang. Ich würde den Anime sogar als "Hervorragend" einstufen gäbe es diese Recaps nicht.

Aber schauen wir mal was in den nächsten 13 Episoden noch geschehen wird, vielleicht kann man ja noch über die Recaps hinwegsehen...

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Das Konzept des Anime Beatless lässt sich für mich mit einem einfachen Beispiel darstellen: Man spielt Minecraft und trifft auf ein Huhn. Anstatt es umzubringen, um seine Hungerleiste zu füllen, lässt man es am Leben und sieht diesen NPC als Freund. Diese Idee wird nun mit Superpower und heißen Waifus umgesetzt. 10/10
Das soll nun nicht heißen, dass der Anime schlecht ist - bin sogar der Überzeugung, dass er Potenzial hat!
Ich war eigentlich ganz angetan von der Idee, aber letzten Endes habe ich mir von den ersten Folgen viel zu viel erhofft. Meinen Geschmack hat die Serie leider nicht getroffen. Dennoch gebe ich zu, dass es Stellen gab, die mir das ein oder andere Lächeln gezaubert haben, aber mir hat die Spannung gefehlt und die Umsetzung hat mich nicht sonderlich gefesselt.

Ich bezweifle, dass ich diese Serie weiterschauen werde, aber möchte Leute ungern durch meine Meinung beeinflussen, weswegen eine Bewertung ausfällt.
Schaut ihn einfach mal an und bildet euch selber eine Meinung! :^)

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Beatless (comment WIP) anime that could have been something special known by rather few, but that seems to have become the very opposite.

The genres listed are fitting so far. Judging by the way the characters act and some stereotypes, a Shounen tag might be appropriate.

As with most animes nowadays, a notable amount of CG is used. I'm usually not too much of a fan of it since it looks realistic to such a degree that it seems artificial and cold in a 2D world but in this case, it kind of fits the story's futuristic atmosphere.
The animations didn't appear jittery to me, everything looked fine.

When I first read the outline of the story, it didn't take me long to realize that the anime has a lot of potential. At what point can something be called alive? Is being alive the same as being intelligent to a certain degree? Is there even a mental difference between a living being with a brain and a humanlike robot with a program that perfectly resembles a brain? Would this mean that they have feelings just like we do? And would it really be all bad if AI took over the planet? If the hIE are more intelligent than humans, wouldn't it be logical from a point of evolution, science and the preservation of the earth for them to decide on our planet's fate instead of a destructive, irrational species like us? I'll admit that these questions may be partly controversial and definitely not easy to fully grasp, yet that's exactly why they'd make for a great story. Sadly, none of them have been answered so far. Instead of a setting which is explained bit by bit, one often has to make do with accepting something the way it is.
For example, in sticky situations, there is this pattern of Arato not knowing what to do and Lacia suddenly bringing up an awesome new device which coincidentally does exactly what they need. Of course, these devices have never been mentioned before and the way they work is stated vaguely at best. Some of them could really exist in the future - like the suit that makes the wearer invisible which prototypes already exist for - others are completely unrealistic, e.g. Lacia being able to horizontally walk up walls after "increasing the frictional force of her feet", which is not only stated inaccurately but also physically impossible the way it is displayed. It might be possible to increase a foot's coefficient of friction µ which would then increase the frictional force between the wall and Lacia's feet - only increasing the force without changing any other factors is not possible though. Apart from that, the frictional force only compensates gravitational force that is aligned with the wall. The body, however, is not flat which means that the gravitational force not only accelerates parts of the body that are aligned with the wall but also the ones that aren't. As a result, Lacia would either have to be flat as a piece of paper or run up the wall at an incredible speed so that the force pulling her away from the wall would be negligible. In the latter instance, she would be up on the rooftop almost right away. In the anime, both cases don't apply. It's even worse: Lacia walks up the wall while being stretched out horizontally (looking like a ―) which would increase the force pulling her away from the wall. Keeping the upper body close to the wall (looking like a く) would have been less unrealistic (yet not realistic either). The scene would only work out if Lacia could make her feet alternate between being sticky like industrial glue and not being sticky at all.

Though it is possible to create a story this way, it's not very professional. Frankly, it felt to me as if the author simplified many things only to broaden the anime's target audience. In other words, they sacrificed a huge amount of depth to gain a bit of breadth.
Another great example for this is the amount of fan service throughout the anime (not really talking about Ecchi stuff). Why would the story line need several fashion shows? And why would it need a dating series? To explain the analogue hack? That could've been explained in a different way, seriously. Not that it was well-explained in the first place... It's usually brought up by people opposing hIEs as soon as another person shows sympathy towards them. Hearing the same argument again and again almost makes it seem like a bad excuse at this point.

Considering all this, it's not a surprise that one is confronted with the well-known scenario of intelligent-robots-are-wreaking-havoc-and-try-to-take-over-humanity-for-no-appearent-or-solid-reason-whatsoever (sometimes to such an extend that it could have been confused with a zombie apocalypse) instead of an actually original setting. In general, the hIE are displayed as very frail - which is strange because humans are so as well - and it feels like their problems outnumber their use for society - which is strange as well because then why would people have allowed them in the first place? I sincerely hope that this will change at some point... Maybe everything suddenly falls into piece...
Episode 6 is a recap episode by the way. No need to say that it wasn't necessary so early on. Anime's with less than 40 episodes don't need any recaps in my opinion. Well, I just hope that there won't be more of those.
Edit: As it turns out, Episode 17 is another one. Still can't follow the plot? Check out the Beatless Intermission OVA - there are even more recaps... I really don't see any non-commercial reason for broadcasting this many of them but maybe I'm just being pessimistic...

There is a medium amount of characters in Beatless, all of which are either stereotypes or flat characters up until now.
>> Arato is the usual naïve and sort of cowardly character that is forced to step up and make important decisions. Or rather, that's what he's supposed to be doing but he usually just does what Lacia proposes and only seldomly comes up with own ideas. Basically, he ponders unimportant things too much and when it matters, he doesn't think enough. This appears to be intentional story-wise though, it is pointed out in the later stages of the anime.
>> Yuka is Arato's little sister and the typical cute sister character. So far, that's about it. She doesn't have a noticeable impact on the story apart from getting kidnapped over and over. Hopefully, this will change. I mean, what's the point of putting her in there if she doesn't serve any purpose?
>> Arato's male friends, Kengo and Ryo (had to look up both names), are pretty much flat characters as well. Both of them are of the opinion that humanity is superior to machines. Kengo has destroyed hIEs in the past without anyone's knowledge and any deeper reason, Ryo seems to be a smart yet thickheaded kind of character.
>> Shiori is another human female side character. She was born into a rich family and her parents want her to marry some other rich man in the future. Similar to Kengo, I don't quite get her reasoning. The way I understand it, she made a contract with Methode to gain power, but power won't help her in the situation she's in. Maybe I've overlooked something there.
>> Erika is a wealthy female character and an analogue hack specialist. She wants the Lacia-class hIE to fight each other to start a new era (she calls it "the future"). Again, I don't understand why it would work like that and it isn't explained well either. Wouldn't it be much more intuitive if the hIEs working together would mean something like a new age? Fighting is something animalistic and not so often progressive. I cannot help but consider it a step backwards (for everyone including Erika) as long as there is no further explanation.
>> Finally, there are various hIE characters (Lacia, Kouka, Snowdrop, Methode, Saturnus - these ones are called "Lacia-class" hIEs). They are the most questionable characters in my opinion. Not because they are too robot-like but because they are too human. Why would the hIE...
...gasp for air when hit (during fights)? After all, they don't breathe. At least that's what I assume.
...move like humans when they are exhausted? I noticed during fights that they make pained expressions and have trouble getting back on their feet. They start trembling while they provide some support with their arms in order to look up again. Humans tremble in these situations because their muscles don't get enough nutrients through the blood flow whereas hIEs use electric currents to move. It's unlikely that the oil running through their body would be used to transport glucose (or a substitude) and not just to reduce friction. In that case, it's far from obvious that hIEs would show a human kind of movement after being damaged. And making a pained facial expression would needlessly waste energy. Instead, it would have been more interesting and realistic to make their movements look shockingly artificial in these situations while they maintain a neutral look on their faces.
...think at same speed as humans? In some scenes, there were built-in pauses for thinking while the hIE were talking. This should not be necessary if they are more intelligent than humans. At the very least, these pauses should be shortened.
...always talk at the same speed as humans? Of course, they are supposed to appear as human as possible, so in everyday activities, talking at the same speed is the obvious choice. However, during battles, every second counts. Nothing should keep the hIE from just talking faster to their owner in critical situations. It wouldn't even be necessary to hire special voice actors or to edit their lines. If they made use of short slowmotion scenes, the voice actors could keep on talking normally.
...have different personalities? Again, they are mostly supposed to appear human but the way I understand it, Lacia, Methode etc. (the main character hIEs) are something like walking databases for a certain firm. Why would they need character traits? And why would they need different ones?
...dress in different styles? I guess it fits their various personalities that are just as questionable.
>> Concerning Lacia specifically, who apparently used Arato from the beginning, I'm not sure what her objective is. She only called it "the future" and "a redistribution of resources". Both Arato and Ryo were shocked when she mentioned it so maybe I didn't understand something obvious there.

As in many series, most of the OSTs are playing in the background and help to emphasize each scene, but they almost never help to form them. That's why to me, it always felt as if the main bulk of the soundtracks was redundant. So far, the only exception is the piano piece in episode 16.
It is played while Kouka is rampaging around the Higgins server (or at least it seems similar, I'm not sure) and destroys Kasumizaki Karea, an hIE for politics. Kouka herself almost looks as if she is enjoying the destruction, yet the situation is not without tragedy since it is her desperate and final attempt to change the world. This is expressed through the music - a piano piece that is neither too simple to be overheard nor too bland to not convey any mood. Though the situation is still a bit of a question mark to me plot-wise, it was very well done regarding the music.

Apart from that, I probably wouldn't recall any of the soundtracks even if someone played them to me.
The first intro song is interesting composition-wise. As a composer, I really felt how much work must have went into making the music, especially the synths. Unfortunately, the vocal is too loud in comparison to the rest of the instruments, so they don't draw a lot of attention. As much as I'd like to say they just did a bad job mixing, I have a suspicion that the singer is probably some kind of idol. It's not rare that they focus on the voice for these kinds of people and dump everything else into the background. They really let a lot of potential go to waste there in my opinion.
The first outro song is typical contemporary J-pop. Not bad, but not special either.
Starting from episode 16, there are a new OP and ED. The former feels like J-pop with traces of techno, the latter is a mixture of J-pop and EDM. I guess they aren't completely ordinary, but still not exceptional enough to remember them for longer than two weeks. At least that's my opinion.

(4 + 2 + 5 + 2 + 3) / 5 * 2 = 6.4 ≈ 6 stars.
Maybe my wording is slightly too harsh here and there. I just want to clarify that Beatless isn't really a "bad" anime. All in all, it is alright, though neither original nor extraordinarily well-written. What really bugs me the most is that it could be so much more. Well, there are still around 5 episodes to go. Who knows? Maybe the last ones will blow my mind.

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