Dragon Ball After Volume 1 (Manga):
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Name Dragon Ball After Volume 1
Erscheinung 29.01.2016
Sprache Englisch
ISBN-13 978-1523918256
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Werke Dragon Ball SD: Mangaserie
"Dragon Ball After" or "DBAfter" is an unofficial continuation of the "Dragon Ball" manga and of the "Dragon Ball Z" anime, made by doujinshi artist Young Jijii, the creator of "Dragon Ball After The Future".

In Age 788, the Dragon World is at peace, when a tremendous threat appears... the strongest Saiya-jin warrior, Kakarotto, has awakened! Son Goku, the hero who brought peace to Earth, attacks his own family and friends! His fated rival, Vegeta, tries to stop him in a battle of destiny! Will Vegeta be able to defeat Kakarotto...? And what will become of the Dragon World...?

This book contains volumes 1 to 3 of the original "DBAfter" doujinshi, for a total of 232 pages.